Wilmington TMJ Specialist

What is a TMJ Specialist?

It is important to note that there is no recognized specialty in TMJ, therefore no dentist is recognized as a TMJ Specialist by the American Dental Association. However, Dr. Burgess has been so successful in treating TMJ disorders, that other dentists recognize his expertise and refer to him their difficult TMJ cases. He’s pursued extensive additional training in this area, having done post-graduate work under Dr. John Witzig, the head of the TMJ Institute of America.

In addition, he has taken a number of courses from Dr. Peter Dawson (The Dawson Academy), Dr. Mark Piper, who is credited with the development of three major methods for the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ derangements, and Dr. John Kois, whose Kois Center offers a comprehensive nine-course curriculum involving aesthetic, occlusion, and restorative dentistry. Few dentists are as qualified as Dr. Burgess in treating TMJ pain.

What is TMJ?

TMJ refers to disorders of the temporomandibular joint and the pain associated with them. There are many causes for TMJ including a malocclusion, or misplaced bite. Unfortunately TMJ is often misdiagnosed leaving the patient unnecessary medical bill and still stuck with pain. Sometimes TMJ can even be caused by poor dental work being done. To learn more about TMJ and what can be done about it, read our TMJ Treatment page, where you can also read his impressive patient testimonials. Also, if you’d like a complimentary consultation to ask questions about TMJ, please visit our request an appointment page.

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