Affordable Dental Implants

The Problem with Dentures

If you have dentures, you may be happy with them. About half the people with dentures are satisfied. But if you’ve had dentures for, say, twenty years, you may be beginning to understand misery. It may be nearly impossible to eat properly, they may slip at embarrassing times, and you may even be in pain. You may also have noticed your face is beginning to shrivel, a process known as facial collapse. When all your teeth are extracted, your jawbone will shrink. After tooth loss, your body begins to absorb your lower jaw and mandible. The result in twenty years will be a shrunken jaw. In some cases this can get so severe as to make you a dental cripple eliminating the possibility of wearing dentures at all.

Dental Implants are the best option in these cases, but for some people it is unreachable with their current budget. In those cases, we want to offer hope with some affordable alternatives.

Snap On Dentures

Wilmington Snap On Denture

 Snap on dentures consist of only two dental implants and a complete denture.  In most cases the cost of your implants is directly related to the number of implants placed. That is what makes snap on dentures more affordable.

An important benefit of snap on dentures is that they are upgradable. Therefore if your finances improve, you will be able to return for a complete set of dental implants. It is one way of working your way toward the best solution to tooth loss.

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