Lumineers are a specific name brand of porcelain veneers made by the Den-Mat company. The Lumineers brand is what we would call an “ultra-thin” porcelain. These new ultra-thin porcelains are approximately .2mm thinner than traditional porcelain veneers. Traditional porcelain veneers are 0.5 mm thick, while Lumineers are 0.3 mm thick.Wilmington Lumineers Thickness

One of the benefits of Lumineers is that they can be placed with a “no prep” technique. In other words, your teeth may not have to be filed down to place the Lumineers. Be careful with that though. It takes a very skilled dentist to keep no prep veneers from looking bulky. Dr. Burgess has placed many veneers, using several different brands, and can discuss with you all your options. There are other brands of ultra thin veneers.

What can Lumineers do for me?

Lumineers can do all the same things traditional porcelain veneers do. You will still get a beautiful smile makeover. To see which smile problems Lumineers can makeover take a look at our porcelain veneers page by clicking here. Dr. Burgess is so confident you will love your new smile, he has a Beautiful Smile Guarantee.

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