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In most dental offices porcelain crowns require two visits, with several weeks between appointments. Dr. Burgess employs CAD-CAM technology (computer assisted design-computer assisted manufacturer), which allows his patients to get a crown in one visit with CEREC crowns.  There are some distinct advantages in getting a CEREC crown.

A CEREC Crown Saves Time

Dr. Burgess can place a CEREC crown in just one appointment, with no return visit required.  At other offices, an impression is taken of the tooth needing the crown. This impression is then sent to a lab for the crown to be designed. A temporary crown is then placed over your tooth until the lab has completed its work.

However, employing CAD-CAM technology, a computer in our office mills the crown out of a single block of porcelain while you wait, saving you the time of an additional appointment. We now have the new Cerec OmniCam.  It features  powderless scanning for improved patient comfort and quicker fabrication times.  We utilize Ivoclar eMax porcelain for posterior teeth and some anterior teeth, which is the best in-office material for strength and tissue health.

CEREC crowns are routinely completed in less than 2 hours.  For urgent care needs, we can now use CEREC to make crowns in a single visit, even for front teeth.  This is a great technological aide for those patients with extremely busy work and travel schedules.  It’s also a life saver for those who have broken their front teeth prior to an important event. In a short time, they can have their teeth back and get on with their lives.

Saves Discomfort

With traditional crowns a runny, bad tasting material is placed in your mouth to get an impression. Some people with a strong gag reflex find this difficult to deal with. With CAD-CAM technology an optical 3D camera is used to create the impression of your mouth and the crown is milled while you wait. This eliminates the need for a temporary crown. Plus, temporary crowns never fit exactly to your mouth, which not only can make them uncomfortable, but there is always the possibility of them falling out.

If you would like a CEREC crown consultation, call us at (910) 762-1402 or visit our make an appointment page.

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