Beautiful Smile Guarantee

Many people have had the unfortunate experience of spending thousands of dollars for a new smile, only to be disappointed with it. We never want that to happen to our patients! At Dr. Burgess’s office we care so much about your confidence in your appearance that we have a “Beautiful Smile Guarantee”. The crux of the guarantee is this: When you try on your new smile, if you don’t absolutely love it, it goes right back to the lab.

How the Beautiful Smile Guarantee Works

We begin by helping you pick the smile design that is right for you. Using both the optimal design for your facial features, as well as what fits your personality, you’ll create the smile you’ve always longed for. After settling on a smile design, Dr. Burgess sends the instructions to the lab.

Once your veneers are completed Dr. Burgess will place them on with a temporary bonding agent, allowing you to see one more time what your new smile design looks like. If you’re 100% satisfied, he will then use a permanent bonding agent.  It is important to note that once the permanent bonding agent has been placed, it is too late to make any changes. But, if at any time up to that point you are not completely satisfied, we will redesign your smile and have new veneers made.

It is important to us that you leave with your new smile in complete confidence and satisfaction. That is our Beautiful Smile Guarantee.

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